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I may make more sticks later but right now I'm making... Sparta... no... MADNESS! XD

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ZayanuZaroc's News

Posted by ZayanuZaroc - February 26th, 2011

Ignore the last post.

Posted by ZayanuZaroc - February 22nd, 2011

It's been a while but I guess it's time I reveal the secret project I've been working on. Well, it's a madness movie!

I'm making sure that the flash is really smoothly animated and such and trust me there will be alot of gory madness action too. But one thing that I also want it to have is a somewhat good story... "Story in a madness movie!?" You say with a shocked expression on your face. Well yes, I want to have a few characters with relationships and stuff and I could probably do that all by myself but one thing I can't do is voice acting so I'd greatly appriciate it if you're at least somewhat good at voice acting and have an okay mic that you contact me either here, on youtube.com/user/ZayanuZaroc or via my mail ZZaroc@gmail.com and I'll leave more information! ;)

I should probably leave some information here though... xD

I'm searching for both male and female voice actors for a few different characters;

Ghost/Simon Riley (The main character) - A cold blooded mysterious man who doesn't hesitate one bit about taking someone's life if it's for the success of the mission.
Accidently shot his sgt's brother during the war and was sent home.
A few weeks after getting the news that they'd won the war he gets a message containing a picture of his sister, the text "If you want her back come alone" and some coordinates.

Sergeant Michael Ross - Ghost's old sgt. He cannot forgive ross for taking the life of his brother during the war. Followed Ghost to the building in hope of revenge.

Asad Basim - Leader of the terrorist group.

Sarah Riley - Ghost's sister, hostage in the hands of a terrorist group.

Howard Ross - Michael's brother.

Terrorists - Many small roles.

And that's about it I think, contact me if you're interested and I'll give more information like a few test lines, and if needed some description although I'd like to see how you picture the characters and let you do the voices yourselfs.
If I approve you for a role I'll send you a script someday later this year. PS. I'd like to have all roles chosen before may or at the very least before june.

Cya there! ;D

Posted by ZayanuZaroc - October 31st, 2010

Sorry I hasn't done to much flash lately, have been focusing on other things like school, youtube, videogames and more...

I am currently making a flash though and it's pretty cool, I hope it will be out soon for you all to see.

Posted by ZayanuZaroc - September 13th, 2009

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1TFkE9 R0e4
and rate 5 and favorite and subscribe for css, sdk, drawings, reviews and more!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUC9Viv OLSU#movie_player

Posted by ZayanuZaroc - May 13th, 2009

Runs on 24fps, smooth as shit, 100 sec long, over 250 layers, features madnesses, sticks and some other dudes, great music and of course A LOT OF DIFFERENT KILLS!!! >:D

Posted by ZayanuZaroc - April 4th, 2009

Sorry for having u guys wait so long but school has been hunting me with homework and tests, plus I thought that I deserved a break. Sorry if u guys think I didn't. However let's go to the good news now. Furious fighting is about done, 75-80% actually. Im just fixing details, a little bit of leangth and a menu.
Im still not sure to give a dead line but my expected deadline is the 10th of may, about a mouth from here. See you guys then I hope and please spreed the word about this flash, It's the smoothest and nicest one I've made yet.


Posted by ZayanuZaroc - April 1st, 2009

Didn't notice ay' well. All avatars are chineese. There is no medals, all post smileys are happy as shit, the site is red, the rules has been updated and someone has destroyed my pod pic, It said: ZayanuZaroc Ruler of the universe and now it's all filled up with the text: Pornography and viaolence will result in banning, kinda. : /
Still: Welcome here China! :)

Posted by ZayanuZaroc - February 8th, 2009

There was several people who wanted to contribute but either they didn't have time or they didn't know how to make flash, so I will make it all alone. Thankfully it's still pretty long and holds some deadly fighting. See ya soon with the full info and the movie on the web.

Posted by ZayanuZaroc - December 14th, 2008

Yes, im back and I got a collab, The Furious fighting collab up and running.
Go here for more info http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/10 04925
Also I bought the newest Animal crossing game called Let's go to the city and it uses online play
I would like to have someone to play with but to do so I need your friend code or you could add mine
5155 - 6814 - 6727
Thank you!

Posted by ZayanuZaroc - August 27th, 2008

To begin with I found a free drawing tool on the internet no dowloads or stuff
You can register and store your pictures, watch the process of your or other peoples drawings (the program records the process) and you can rate others work... heres the website
http://www.ratemydrawings.com/communit y/login.php

Heres the Mega man 3 song lyrics (it's funny as @*ยจ+)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL30lU2 6egw